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Serial Hobbyism Is Back, Baby!

Almost exactly a decade ago, in early 2014, I purchased the domain name to use for a blog about all of my many, many hobbies. It ended up completely changing my life.

I wrote about 3D printing on the blog, which got the attention of the folks behind the Idiot’s Guides series and led to my first book deal. That, in turn, brought me freelance writing opportunities, giving me the ability to leave my career as a mechanical designer and become a full-time writer.

But during a rough patch in 2017, I made the mistake of letting the domain name registration lapse—I was broke at the time and food was more important.

The domain registrars, sensing my desperation, decided they wanted to charge me thousands of dollars to buy the domain name back. I couldn’t afford that, and instead I’ve been operating under the domain name since.

So imagine my delight when I checked on a whim and saw that was finally an affordable price again! I snatched it up and here we are.

Going forward, will be my professional page for my portfolio and information about my freelance writing services. I’ll use for showcasing my personal projects, publishing tutorials and how-tos, and announcing videos on my YouTube channel.

Speaking of… please check out my channel and subscribe! While it was an afterthought in the past, it is something that I’m now putting a lot of effort into.

Thanks for reading and stick around for all the upcoming content!


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